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Start Over.

Hello, there! Welcome to my blog!

After not writing for a while, I decided to continue my blog. At first I was tempted to make a new one. But, I do not think that it would be better for me, as I will create more complicated tracks of my digital footprints, lol. And to think a new names is as difficult as naming your own character in an MMORPG-style video game. So, yeah. I’ll stick with this one. After all, at some point in life, you need to settle down and enjoy the rest of your life with your loved ones (and where is the correlation between continuing my old blog and settling down? I did not understand myself on that. Ha! Sorry for wasted seconds of your life trying to comprehend.)

Selain itu, saya akan mulai menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia dalam blog ini. Awalnya, sih, mau pake bahasa Inggris aja. Namun, karena nanti saya harus berpusing-pusing membuat blog khusus bahasa Indonesia, cukuplah blog ini diterbitkan dalam dua bahasa. Lagipula, ini salah satu cara untuk mengenalkan bahasa Indonesia ke dunia. Siapa tahu, dalam 15 tahun kedepan saya jadi Presiden dan orang-orang ingin mempelajari kehidupan Saya saat masih ‘bau kencur.’

But it depends on the main languages I used to start the blog. If I use english as an opening, then other languages will be treated as foreign language. Anyway, why do you care about technicalities? Heck, why do I need to explain this technicalities!?

I hope you enjoy what I write here. I only write to serve as a memoir of what I’ve been thinking in the past. Because everything you’ve done up to this point is a result of what choices you made in the past. This is a collection of my choices, or at least, my thoughts on my choice in life.

Should I dieded earlier than you, feel free to miss me through this blog! xoxo

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#coffeexperiment 02 – determining different taste between single origins

Hi there.

Lately, I’m having a new hobbies: brewing coffee.


Long story short, some coffee in some café can be ridiculously expensive. If I can make delicious coffee myself, I wouldn’t have to spent such money for a glass of coffee.  Also, mom loves coffee. I’m brewing for her, too.

Anyway, #coffeexperiment is a set of experiment I’ve done to learn more about this hobby. I don’t have any teacher, and following a barista course would cost me money (yes, I am super-stingy). So, I am learning just by asking someone with better knowledge and experience, and try out what I’ve learned.

So here’s my story.

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A Friday Rain


Finally, new blog! Should we celebrate?


I have a habit on getting bored to my own blog. Sometimes, it’s because of the names. While other times, it’s because of technical stuff. Mostly it’s first world problems such as “people can’t comment properly in this blog!” *cough* *tumblr* *cough*, “this blog can’t be customized completely!”, “this blog has too much widget I can’t pick something I want!”

I always regret when I made a new one. Most of the time, it’s too late. So I’ll just continue with my blog.

But my recent blog, well.. I’ve forgot which username login for that blog. Yes, I have a lot of usernames, too. I even have a lot of emails which I can’t keep track of them all.

So yeah, I love to create something new.. and mostly abandon it. *chuckles*

Anyway, I welcome you to my new blog. A lot of stuff here will be posted in english. I can practice my english, and the rest of the world can understand it! Assuming the rest of the world also speaks english, that is..

I mostly will write about my contemplation and opinion here. But we’ll see where our journey goes.

See ya!