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I’m on a diet.

Eating right food at a right time is one of my obstacles in a diet program. I used to eat whatever and whenever I like it. I also didn’t really care on what I eat. To top it all, I rarely exercise. So I’m not shy to acknowledge that I am an obese person.

A comparison to what I eat before and now. I have to let go those cookies now…

I’ve been obese for a long time. I never know what it’s like to be a person with a proper weight. There was a time that I’ve been frustrated with my body image, but being that long in an obese form, I learn to accept it. But I know that being obese is not healthy.. So one way or another, I have to fix this body.

Luckily, I always have my mom. She is the one who always encourage me to get in shape. Her definition of success is when she sees her children to get a body of a “superstar”. lol. But hey, whose moms who doesn’t want their children to be healthy, right?

So I begin my journey of losing those fats I’ve been keeping for almost 24 years. I’ve been on a diet program before, it succeed. I develop a habit of eating properly and doing exercise. But unfortunatley, I didn’t spend enough time to develop my mind. I go back to the old ways and get more fat than before. It sucks, because a considerable time and money are spent on that program.

I realized that in order to stay commited on what I do, I have to REALLY put my mind to it. Prioritize it and make it a habit. Some say that changing the behavior is the hardest part. But I think, changing your mind set is the hardest part. You see, what I believe is our minds and values are product of our behavior. If your behavior is not right, then you didn’t put enough time tinkering with your mind.

So… That’s what I’m doing. It’s not just about a diet. It’s more likely about set my mind straight for expected results.

So far, it’s been a week and I stayed on the program. There are some days where I didn’t do my breakfast at an allocated time, but my supervisor said it is okay as long as you eat properly and avoid any kind of prohibited food.

It’s quite a challange since a lot of food are forbidden for me. When my friends ate those “yummy” foods, I can only stare and sniff at the smell..

But on the other hand, this would provide me an exercise to hold back my desire of those junk foods! I treat this program as a game, to see how capable am I to hold out myself. As a reward, I have better control of my desires, and myself. Which if I have better control of myself, I can utilize this skills to do something else, such as learn something new or achieving my bucket list. +1 control, baby…

After all, this life is a game. Play your cards right, and you might end up winning.

So my question is, are you game?


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